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Specifically, the medical camps seek to provide both preventive and curative treatment for common conditions and refer those who require specialized treatment to the relevant hospitals. These camps play a significant role to create awareness of your brand. 


  • The main aim of the health camp is to provide initial care to people in life-threatening conditions which reflects the unique strengths and goals of medical ethics.

  • To provide free high-quality medical services, raise health awareness among the community and teach them to deal with communicable and non-communicable diseases. 

  • To guide how to practice good nutrition habits and physical activity.

Requirements for a medical camp:


A lot of logistic support is needed to carry out such responsible programs successfully. Additional financial resources will be required for the transportation of supplies, personnel, and volunteers from one region to another. Sufficient non-medical personnel to assist with registration and the management of the crowd.




1) Cough Syrups

2) Calcium 500mg

3) Paracetamol 625mg/500 mg

4) Multivitamin Capsule

5) Syp Betonin

6) Pan-D/Pan-40

7) Antacid Syp

8) Laxative Syp

10) Albandazol 400mg

11) Levatal-M

12) Iron+ folic acid


However some commonly used drugs have been suggested here, it is always better to consult a physician about which drugs are required for specific medical camps.


Surgery supplies:

  1. Syringes 20cc, 10cc, 5cc, 2cc

  2. Antiseptic

  3. Cotton wool

  4. Rubber gloves


Other supplies and materials:

1) Tents, chairs, tables, and stationary for clinical recordings

2) Vital signs monitoring equipment, medical equipment, stethoscope, and torches 

3) Refreshments for volunteers.

Required personnel to support the medical camp:

1) Doctors, Clinical officers, Dentists, Opticians, and Nurses

2) Medical students, Clerical staff.

3) Administrative and teams to support registrations, manage crowds, and general logistics


Advantages of health camp:

  • Health campaign helps to motivate, educate, and inform the public about various health issues. Free health camp provides overall physical examinations to poor people.

  • Register rare and severe cases and refer them to specialized health centres.



         Besides providing primary health care, they also contribute to raising awareness of our brand. 

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