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Health camp in Jagajampi Bajaj

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Jagjampi Bajaj introduced Platina 110 ABS India’s first 110 cc bike with the safety of ABS. The program was inaugurated by Mayor Mrs. Shobha Somnache, Deputy Mayor Mrs. Reshma Patil, and social worker Mrs. Sarla Herekar.

On this occasion, we organized a free body health check-up camp. The chairmen and director of Jagjampi Bajaj Shri Mallikarjun Jagjampi and Managing director and Co-founder Mr. Amitkumar Khanagonvkar from BloodCellsKart were present for the event.

           The main objective of the camp was to provide free health check-up to the employees of Jagjampi Bajaj and the general population who attend the event.


  • There were 10 team members from BloodCellsKart

  • Two general physicians,

  •  Two phlebotomists to collect the blood sample for paid packages

  • One Nurse for Blood sugar testing and BMI reporting.


  • BMI-like Physical Examination with height and weight measurement.

  • Blood pressure and blood sugar checkup.

  • General examination as per the complaint

  • Other paid blood tests were available from BloodCellsKart for those who were diagnosed by doctors.

Achievements:  In event around 700 beneficiaries attended the camp of all ages.

  • Among all beneficiaries 200 were screened as overweight and Doctor suggested some medicines and physical exercise to overweight patients.

  • Five beneficiaries were screened as underweight for the Doctor suggested a healthy diet.

  • Around 58 beneficiaries were diagnosed with diabetes and they suggested the fasting blood sugar test.

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