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Health camp in HDFC bank


       BloodCellsKart (Shivam Lifeline Pvt. Ltd) organized a health camp in HDFC bank Nehru nagar Belgaum, On Wednesday, 25th January. The camp was conducted under the guidance of Mr. Amitkumar Khanagonvkar (MD and Co-Founder) and the BloodCellsKart team and specialist Doctors.


  • BMI-like Physical Examination with height and weight measurement.

  • Blood pressure and blood sugar checkup.

  • General examination as per the complaint

  • ECG (Electrocardiogram) test

  • Other paid blood tests were available from BloodCellsKart for those who were diagnosed by a doctor


  • 500 beneficiaries attended the camp of all ages.

  • Among them the majority of male beneficiaries were there.

  • Around 148 beneficiaries were screened as overweight and obese. The doctor prescribed them some medicine and suggested some physical exercise and a healthy diet.

  • Some patients of overweight consulted for a thyroid test.  

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