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About Us

It is of great delight and pride to introduce our company BloodCellsKart, A new developed
E-Diagnostics Application A PAN India, initiative, aimed clearly to ease the health services for Pathology & Radiology and the process of samples are collected by our professional & well qualified “PHLEBOTOMISTS”.

We at BloodCellsKart, a Bangalore based company, are in search of new directions to provide services and found an opportunity in this current circumstance. We have formed a new branch specifically regarding this service opportunity all over.



As we all know the current generation is a tech savvy generation, and our application BloodCellsKart caters to the needs of this generation just the way they expect it to be delivered. We can safely say that the majority of the population today use smart phones and are very well versed in the usage of mobile applications. Keeping this in mind, we have designed our application in a manner which is easy to use and which can be used by a novice too. Currently, BloodCellsKart is designed to provide listings of reputed diagnostic centers for patients requiring Pathology & Radiology Services and we would love to give you a brief idea of how smoothly things work in our application.

Any patient seeking an investigation can open the Application, easily navigate through the list of options available and choose the Diagnostic Centre of his/her choice as well as choose the service required from that particular Diagnostic Centre and then book an appointment as per the timings convenient to them. When this is triggered, our qualified PHLEBOTOMIST will visit at the patient’s Home/Office/Registered address and collect the samples required and deliver to the Diagnostic Centre.

Similarly, in case of a service request for a Radiologist, the patient just has to navigate through the list, choose their choice of Diagnostic Centre and book an appointment on the Application selecting their convenient time from the available slots which will then be updated to the Diagnostic Centre in real time.
The above-mentioned procedure was just an overview of how things will function giving you a brief introduction of the Application


Why We Exist?

We are a generation that is tech savvy who depends on smart phones to navigate things from weather conditions to routes to food as well as every day home essential needs, but what do we do when it comes to health care?

Just like other Applications on your smartphone “
BloodCellsKart” is your navigator towards health care.We bridge the gap between patients and diagnostic centers through our Applications by providing list of centers in Pathology, Radiology and COVID - 19 test and vaccines that are registered with us  to choose from based on the needs of the patient within a click of a button from home, office or any place saving you the hassle of running around centers for appointments while saving you the time of sitting in waiting rooms.

Why BloodCellsKart

The COVID-19 pandemic created unprecedented circumstances that affected everyone. Suddenly, the common expression to "take care" had a deeper meaning. As the virus spread, expectations and conditions changed. Some resources were not available, and there was uncertainty. It's not unexpected that the COVID-19 pandemic also changed how we provided caregiving for our loved ones during this time


To provide Pathology & Radiology blooming towards Pan India.

People-centric, credible and comprehensive as we serve a huge demographics of male/female with an age group ranging from 18 > we have been mindful while designing the mobile Applications in a manner that it is easy to navigate and use even by a novice.

To be the mediator between the Diagnostic centers and the patients allowing patients to book appointments from the comfort of their home, office and any place and collecting samples adhering to safety to be delivered to Diagnostic centers that provide proficiency in testing for accurate results.

Our Promise

To provide best care with utmost safety, saving your time in furtherance of providing tests with 100% accuracy that you can trust all of which are delivered at your doorstep.

  • Convenient and time-saving.

  • Samples collection from home, office, or registered address.

  • Easy access to e-reports.




“BloodCellsKart” exists to help humanity thrive. Our mission motivates us in every step we take, we do not act impulsively, we take each step with deliberate planning, care and focus.



We are fully committed, as professionals, we are focused on the well-being of our patients. We are constantly working towards delivering on promises. To deliver more value, to find better ways and solutions for better quality health care.



We are bold enough to believe and tenacious enough to make it happen. We choose clear over clever and believe in being an audience-firstkindof Applications 




We have conversations with people,share ideas and thoughts. We do not patronize or talk down.




We care for what we do, we care for our patients and listen to them at anytime to help them through their process.



Our refined design of our Applications gives us the freedom and flexibility to address our target groups more effectively.

BloodCellsKart App Features



Book online blood tests, lab tests, complete pathology tests packages.


Allocate Time & Date for Pathology Tests

Allocate date and time for pathology tests at your comfort.


Book test from Reputed Labs

Find the diagnostics center & labs near you & book tests.


Allocate slots for Radiology Tests

Allocate slots for radiology tests, so you can avoid waiting period in the diagnostic scan centers.


Download Reports 

Get your test reports online within the App in a PDF report.


Secured with OTP

Get an OTP at the time of sample collection with OTP authentication.

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